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Based in Argentina, the firm is a boutique software research and development services company. Founded 2005, Argeniss has constantly been growing to become an international, very dynamic and highly talented people enterprise.

With a vast experience in developing worldwide used software the company has consolidated its competences and knowledge by continuously enforcing and improving the staff expertise.

Our customer-driven approach is the core element of our daily duties (including both internal and external customers). We strongly focus on adding value to every component of our clients operations, keeping a close attention to the demands of productivity, efficiency and quality.

In Argeniss we work to give meaning to our clients IT expectations.


In Argeniss we aim to build a long term relationship with our clients by delivering exceptional outcomes and value at the lowest total cost for our customers.

In order to execute and fulfill this objective we use agile methodologies that cross-functional teams employ to meet clients needs or accommodate changes in requirements, through early and continuous delivery of the valuable results.

The similar time zones with U.S. based companies, our continuous language training for our team and the use of the latest communication equipment, enables Argeniss to provide excellence in software services.


Software Development: IT programming, testing, bug fixing and frameworks production.

Mobile applications: tailor-made apps and mobile user interface development for smart phones and tablets.

Computer Engineering Consulting: engineering-related services such as design, IT recommendations, creation of drawings and specifications.

Architecture design: high level design the structure needed to reason about the software system, and the documentation of these structures.

Usability Testing: measuring, documenting and verifying a software product utility to meet its intended purpose.

User Interface Design: developing of software applications with the focus on making user's experience and interaction as simple and efficient as possible.


Turnkey approach: this type of project procedure refers to delivering a complete tailor made product. We work on a solution taking care of all stages of the software development cycle (service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvements).

Time & Materials approach: this type of project procedure cares on building a fixed team that is hired for a specific period of time, to carry out the development in a continuous-project format. These projects are characterized for working under flexible work plans managed jointly by the team leader at Argeniss and the project leader at the client’s.


Project Managers: they have the responsibility of the planning, execution and closing projects.

Software Architect: they are experts who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.

Developers: their work includes researching, designing, implementing, and testing software.

Testers: technicians who conducts prearranged test on software prior to their implementation to ensure quality, design integrity and proper functionality.

User Interface Designers: they design user interfaces for the applications developed by the company.



Mobile: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xamarin

Design/Architecture: UML Modeling, Design Patterns

Programming Languages: Java, Java Android SDK, Objective-C, C#, VB, VB.NET, ASP .NET, C/C++, PHP, Python

Markup Languages: XML, XSL (XSLT, XPath)

Web Languages: HTML, HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Ajax

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, DB2, Microsoft Access

Infrastructure: Ant, Maven (2.x, 3.x), Cruise Control, SVN, Jira, Remote Installer, Windows Installer, MSI, WiX, WMware virtualization.

Reporting: JasperReports, iReport

Testing: JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, DBUnit

Others: RabbitMQ, Memcached / Membase

Editions: JSE, JEE

Persistence: JDBC, JPA, JTA, Hibernate

GUI: Swing, Swingx, Eclipse RPC (Eclipse plugins)

Web: JSP, Servlets, GWT, JSF, RichFaces, Vaadin Framework

Web Services: JAX-WS, Metro

Frameworks: Spring, JAXB

Web/Application Servers: JBoss, WildFly, Tomcat



Persistence: NHibernate

GUI: WinForms, WPF

Web: ASP.NET, MVC, WebForms, Silverlight

Web Services: WCF

Frameworks: Spring.NET, MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework), PostSharp (AOP), NServiceBus, NVelocity

Web/Application Servers: IIS


Jim Reid, Formerly Director of Application Development, Sigma Marketing

“I have worked with Argeniss for 4+ years now, and find their skill set, professionalism, and work ethics to be exceptional. I highly recommend the Argeniss team!”

Daniel Doubrovkine, formerly Development Manager & Chief Architect, Application Security Inc., currently Head of Engineering, Artsy

"I have fully integrated two dozen Argeniss developers into my local teams over the course of 5 years. These are extremely smart, adaptable and most capable, world class engineers that I would recommend without hesitation for any small or large project."

Aaron Newman, CEO, CloudCheckr Inc.

“I have worked with Argeniss for more than 8 years at 3 different startups I have founded. They have provided world class service in each one, ranging from security research to application development. Argeniss has been able to scale up a team quickly and provide results on numerous projects. They have a proven team that can adapt to any situation. Argeniss team works diligently and delivers on time.”

H.R. Approach

Argeniss human resources approach focus on providing a professional environment, where our team can find opportunities of improving its career expectations and fulfil personal growth hopes.

We offer a relaxed and flexible work environment and permanent language and technology training. We consider that empowering people as a key factor for developing the staff professional skills.

We look forward to work with you:

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Capital of the province of Entre Ríos, Paraná is located on the banks of the river that gives it its name, which, in Tupi-Guarani language, means "related to the sea". The beauty of its landscapes, history, watersports and the outdoors lifestyle are the city main features.

Paraná is also a prosper business center, with airports and modern access roads. In addition, four important universities and countless language centers generates remarkables professionals in computing engineering, software analyst, business administration, among others.

Mitre 469

Paraná, Entre Ríos, Arg.